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Wizard Glaze



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[reformulated Wet Gloop to be more opaque, thicker droplets hence the new name!]
Designed for cone 6 firing. Best if used for drips. Wet Gloop runs more than Dry Gloop, making it ideal for creating oozey, gooey drips. To create drips, the glaze can be dried to a clay body-like texture, molded into a ball and applied to surface of ceramic. Best if applied onto underglaze or clay body. If applied to an active, melting glaze, Gloop will ooze and will lose its formal shape. 

Get Sloppy!

Custom colors can be created with a +$5 charge. Email Wizard Glaze to get started!

Jar is 16oz and weighs approximately 750g

How 2 Apply

1. Pour out any excess liquid when you open your jar. Gloop functions better with minimum water content
2. Shake or mix gloop.
3. Gloop works best with a pudding or frosting consistency. If you want to dry out your gloop you can leave the lid off overnight.
4. Apply underglaze to your ceramics. Gloop sticks best to an underglaze base. It is not recommended to apply gloop to an active glaze because it will lose its shape.
5. Apply gloop to underglazed ceramics

  • Wet gloop is best for achieving long viscous drips. The more liberal the application, the longer and thicker the drips will be. Use gravity to your advantage, gloop will drip the longest on vertical walls.

6. Fire to cone 5 or 6
To protect kiln shelves you can put a layer of Kiln Dust under your ceramics to ensure no gloop sticks to kiln shelves. Kiln Dust is essential when using wet gloop which is highly active and will likely drip to the base when applied liberally. 
8. If you want to glaze the exposed underglaze you can apply a low fire glaze all over or simply around the gloop. Fire again to low fire temperature according to low fire glaze instructions. Gloop will not melt again at this low temperature and you will have a fully glazed piece. This is a good option if you intend to use the piece for food and need to glaze over the underglaze.

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