How do you apply Gloop?
Gloop performs best on unglazed clay or underglaze. If you apply on top of an active glaze, Gloop will lose its perfect droplet shape. After you fire Gloop to cone 6 you can apply low fire glaze over or around the Gloop to glaze the surrounding areas. The Gloop will keep its shape because it'll only melt at cone 6. 

Here are a few application techniques that are favorites of Wizard:

  1. Use a squeeze tube to dispense drops of Gloop. 
  2. Apply Dry Gloop as a thick paste to get a crawling texture. Around 1 cm thickness is ideal. 

Will Gloop stick to kiln shelves? 
Yes! Put a layer of silica sand underneath ceramics while in the kiln. This will allow glaze to pool at the base without damaging kiln shelves or breaking off when you take the piece out of the kiln. 

International Shipping?
Wizard ships worldwide! It will take 5-10 days for most international order shipping. Please be aware that international customers are responsible for duties and import taxes. Wizard is unable to calculate or charge for customs fees. These costs are the responsibility of the receiver to pay during the delivery process.